Business Gateway

Business Gateway

As a new startup company we found the help and guidance of Business Gateway extremely invaluable.

Delivered by the local authorities in Scotland, they offer professional resources and support which include a multitude of events, workshops and resources for any one starting up or trying to grow a business.

It was quite surprising how much support that they offer. After we had come up with the concept of Aquastar Creative, we were simply just looking to be pointed in the right direction but immediately we were assigned an adviser who made a tailored plan of action to aid us.

From the initial information that we had provided our adviser with, we were quickly given an action plan which gave us great advice on how to write our business plan as well as useful relevant documents to help us get started, such as things that covered intellectual property, pricing projects and services, writing marketing plans and so on. We were recommended a number of courses to go on such as Start Up: Finance which gave a great understanding of the finance, loans and grants that are available in our local area.

The workshops and events offered by Business Gateway cover many topics such as selling products and services online to bookkeeping and marketing. Even if your business is predominantly based offline you’ll be able to gain numerous skills to help promote it online via social media and digital marketing workshops.

Business Gateway has several local offices located all over the length and breadth of Scotland, so if you have an idea for a new business venture you can quickly tap into the wide range of services that they offer for free.

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